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DJ Tragic is a sharp dynamic DJ full of life from the greater Philadelphia region. He has over 10 years of experience serving the U.S and outer lining countries. Furthermore, DJ Tragic has performed for some of the world’s most premier party destinations such as Italy, Jamaica, Canada, Denver, Miami, NYC, and etc. In addition, DJ Tragic is most known for his achievements in clubs, concerts, corporate events, and casual parties. Tragic is an all-around versatile DJ that keeps the crowd awake. His genre of music is so universal that he specializes in an array of music such as, Dancehall, EDM, House, Hip hop, R&B, Afro Beats, Top 40, and Reggaeton. Equally important, DJ Tragic is a certified DJ from the prominent Scratch DJ Academy in New York City. Uniquely, he is described as reliable, creative, attentive, flexible, professional, and ambitious. DJ Tragic is known for being able to please any audience he performs in front of whether it is through a zoom party or in person at a corporate event. Consequently, he is sure to stimulate your heart through your ears and create an atmosphere you will want to come back to for more. 

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